Meditation-Based Personal Transformation

A holistic program that trains your Body-Mind-Intellect away from stress and uncertainty towards Health, Harmony and Happiness.

Where & When? – The FOUNDATION course


SoulTrends,  551, 14th Main Road, Sector – 7, HSR Layout, Near BDA Complex Bengaluru – 560102 Dates: May  25 (Sat), 26 (Sun) 2019
Who is this for?

Engineers,  Doctors, Executives, Managers,  Bankers, Business owners, Teachers, Students, Coaches, Trainers, Parents

This 3-part program helps you train your mind through the practice of breath meditation, complemented with knowledge and techniques on nourishment, mindfulness and happiness. 

You can take each part/course separately at your convenience.  Once you have completed one part, then you can sign-up for the next part. Each part/course adds on to the wisdom gained in the earlier parts. 


This is a 2-day classroom session that introduces the foundational knowledge and practices that power your personal transformation.

KEY TOPICS INCLUDE: – What is Happiness? – Causes of Stress – thoughts & feelings – How thoughts and emotions impact well-being – The Mind-system model – How mindfulness moves us towards joy – Process and Practice of Meditation – What happens during Meditation? – Advancing through Meditation – Impact of nourishment and exercise – Significance of pyramids for meditation

FEES: Donor Sponsored. Free for participants.


This is a 6-week guided, virtual practice session delivered through mobile/online apps, videos, and online assessments.

THIS WILL HELP YOU TO: – Practice breath meditation daily – Get questions and issues clarified virtually – Track progress in meditation through a mobile app – Get over difficulties / issues during meditation – Perform special mindfulness exercises each week – Test out healthy eating and movement


This is a 3-day intensive workshop that will cover knowledge, assessments and practical sessions that accelerate your personal transformation towards a life of flow, purpose and joy.

KEY TOPICS INCLUDE: – Innate wisdom of Self – Positive relationships – Engagement & Enjoyment – Work as Flow – Intense group meditation – Discovering your strengths and values – Making of Meaning – Insight experiences

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Learn things you have always wanted to know

Learn the different stages of meditation and how you can track your progress just like a physical-trainer tracks your workouts.

Learn proven techniques to stop mind-wandering, avoid falling asleep and overcoming distractions to advance your meditation.

Find out your core values or self-ideals that drive your purpose – through a proven method,

Learn what research has shown about happiness and the key conditions of a happy mind. Learn how you can create and enjoy more moments of flow (‘in the zone’) at work and in life.

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Here’s what some students say:

The course gave a good, realistic view of all experiences that come up during meditation and techniques to handle them. Too quickly people were trying to get to a place where they were looking for a kind of a high or immediate deep peace from meditation. But the course clearly emphasizes the idea that difficult experiences and emotions can and do come up during meditation and that this can even be a very good thing!

Jeremy S

Bournemouth, UK, 

Though I had some prior experience with meditation, this course has taken my meditation practice to an advanced level in a short span of time. The real difference is that while I was only focusing on Attention earlier, this course taught me to practice Attention with Awareness and this was a real game changer. Also the conscious moments exercise really helped increase mindfulness both in the meditation practice and in day to day life.

Ravi L

London, UK

A definitely recommended course for everyone be it a beginner or already a meditator. I was able to reach a peaceful and calm state easily when doing meditation in the class than doing it at my home. Definitely doing meditation in the group helps a lot.

Ekta J

Romford, UK